Resort & Spa

Harmony Bay Resort & Spa is a Ramada resort in Turkey constructed by The Akbuk Resort Group. The development of the resorts website was completed in 2013 and helped the Development company Akbuk Resort Group to Secure Ramada Resorts as the hotel operators. The whole brief included a freshen up of the brand with all electronic and print media overhauled.

24 page brochure printed brochure

The brochure was a produced on a large print run which allowed for a cost effective extra extra finishes such as foil blocking. The brochure is 24 pages with an extra thick cover.

Resort website with agent login area

Along with the brochure the resorts website was completed overhauled. Before the site was unfocused and a mishmash of the developers brand "The Akbuk Resort Group" and the resorts brand "Harmony Bay" Federation separated the 2 companies into stand alone brands which allowed the development to reach more audiences but to other agents being more happy to work with a company that allows them to Whitelable" the resort so the agent can show there client without worry of losing them direct to the developer.

Computer Generated Images

A complete set of CGI renders were commissioned by the client to help selling the resort to potential investors. The CGI's were produced in sets of 3. The first set focused on the resorts communal areas such as the pool and decking areas. the 2nd set focused of the facilities and the 3rd on the accommodation available such as master suites and junior suites.