Kobalt Law LLP

Kobalt Law has been a Federation Design client for a number of years. Over that time, many marketing briefs have been undertaken including: websites, brochures, flyers, press adverts, exhibition graphics, powerpoint presentations and administration documents.


The website was created in 2011. With the goal of generating leads and giving a platform for the company to publicise their new endeavours and promote their services.


The company brochure was created mainly for marketing support as its a great way to promote the company. The brochure is given out at exhibitions, taken into meeting by each lawyer and provides visual support when explaining what Kobalt Law does. The brochure is also a free download on the website,and is access via a data capture form. This is downloaded about 5 times a week by the public.


Buying guides, Flyers & Shell scheme artwork produced, printed and delivered to the exhibitions which the company show at. All this supporting material ties into the brand style and enforces the companies core message.