The Cambridge B2B Exhibition 2014

Recently, Federation Design attended the 2014 Cambridge B2B Exhibition. This year the event was hosted at Cambridge International Airport on Newmarket Road. As well as an International airport, it is also the home of The Cambridgeshire Aero Club.

Over 100 exhibitors joined the event from almost every industry. Federation Design met some great people which we hope to stay in touch with. Some exhibitors included; Jill from Granite 5; Hazel from the Creative Content Company; and Fleur from Red Dot Events; all of whom have their own event starting soon. The Cambridge Air Fair begins October 10th and runs for three days.

The Cambridge B2B Exhibition is hosted at The Guildhall on Market Square in  the city centre and it has all manner of art for sale direct to the public.

The B2B event was a great place to meet local, pro-active companies and we hope the event has encouraged Cambridge-based clients to get to know and use Federation Design’s range of services.