How To Turn Traffic Into Leads With a Focused Landing Page

What is a landing page?’ I hear you ask. Put simply, a landing page is a web-based page that users can visit or ‘land on’. Landing pages are an essential part of a through-online marketing strategy.

When talking about landing pages within a marketing and advertising scenario  it’s more common to refer to a landing page as being a standalone object, distinct from your main company website which has been designed with a single objective.

An Effective Way of Converting

These Landing pages are created with only one purpose in mind – lead-generation. By creating an optimised landing page specifically for each product or service, your company offers an effective way of converting your website visitors into leads.

Follow These Simple Steps:

  1. Promote the benefits of your offer,
  2. Funnel visitors to a capture form,
  3. Simplify the offer process,
  4. Eliminate on-page distractions,
  5. Remove the ability to browse other pages.

The design and style of a landing page is critical because it allows visitors to quickly understand all that they are viewing and how it could be valuable to them or their business. In addition, it would allow the visitor to see  how to download the premium content, e.g, a PDF of your services. The design and style of a landing page will also allow the visitor to register for the offer presented, e.g, a free consultation.

Premium Content – The Perceived Value

A ‘something for nothing’ offer is an online lead-generation strategy. It involves offering the users a piece of premium PDF content such as brochures, reports and guides. This has enough perceived value for a visitor that is willing to give some personal information such as their email address or contact telephone number, in exchange for the ability to download premium content directly.

By using a landing page which is optimised for your users you will see leads generated. The number of leads depends on the industry you are in and the quality of your services and offers.

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