How to Increase Your Website Conversion Rate

If the primary goal of your website is to generate new leads, your company requires more than just a presence online. You need a website optimised for lead-generation. The best way to get your website to convert traffic into leads is to get the right type of traffic to the site. 

But that isn’t easy. It is done by SEO methods and natural search results. The next step is to convert unknown visitors into leads through effective lead-generation techniques that prompt the user to take action.

Here is one essential lead-generation strategy a website must have to make it convert unknown traffic into leads.

‘Something for Nothing’ Offer

The Perceived Value
A ‘something for nothing’ offer is an online lead-generation strategy. It involves offering the users a piece of premium PDF content such as brochures, reports and guides. This has enough perceived value for a visitor that is willing to give some personal information such as their email address or contact telephone number, in exchange for the ability to download premium content directly.

By using a landing page which is optimised for your users you will see leads generated. The number of leads depends on the industry you are in and the quality of your services and offers.

Examples of premium content offers include:

  • Brochures,
  • Guides,
  • Research reports,
  • Product demos,
  • Free consultations.

To maintain the leads coming in, the offers must be kept fresh and therefore, time and resources should be allocated in developing pieces of premium content every couple of weeks, depending on your industry. By using this simple technique you will see an increase in leads generated by your website from day one of its instigation.