How to generate leads and convert through compelling design & creative email marketing

This is a guide, there are many other aspects, elements and techniquies to employ to ensure success. Choose your marketing company carefully to ensure each element of the campaign is taken into consideration.

Ok, here is where you start… Identify & Target the group of potential investors/clients the product can be presented by either using an existing archived database such as user emails gathered by your website, previous clients or better still a new databases to ensure favourable return results.

Remember be selective in your criteria of potential investors as the more refined and tailored the list the better the results will be. There is no point sending an email to a person that defiantly will not open it.

If you are using an existing database of your own. It is very important to clean this regularly. Invalid or bad email addresses can be the result of incorrect data entry, errors when merging databases or old data that has become invalid over time. It is estimated that the churn rate for email addresses is 20% each year.

Use an independent mail send company to manage the progress to ensure a professional campaign. The reason for this is there are certain steps taken to avoid the emails being marked as junk and blacklisting your server plus you will get an in-depth report with statistical open rate data.

Using this split test technology will ensure all bases are covered, This is A/B testing! A Small A/B tests are a great way to go if unsure of the quality of the data and/or product.

So by producing two different designs; A strong, clear and concise attractive campaign promoting the product. AND a more basic, no fills marketing design promoting the same product. Both versions NEED to contain something for FREE the potential investor/clients can download on the landing page such as brochure/investment prospectus/market report.

Next is to open dialog with each investors/client that received the offer. Its best to prioritise these into different lists of the users which:

  1. Opened, clicked the click-through button AND downloaded the pdf
  2. Opened, clicked the click-through button BUT did not download the pdf
  3. Opened the mail BUT did not click the click-through button
  4. The users which did not open the mail.

This is the priority of the users you need to open up dialog with, such as a phone call to discuss the email campaign and the product within. The goal of the phone call is to encourage the users to either take another look or to accept further details. You also need to strike the list of emails that showed no interest.